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Massive Oarfish Washed Ashore in California [VIDEO]

Oarfish are always big whenever they are found, but this oarfish in California is huge! 

Oarfish seem to be washing ashore a lot more regularly around the world as of late.

Ancient myths revolve around oarfish. If they are found, it is believed that earthquakes are coming to that region, or very likely to occur.

Deep tectonic waves in the earth’s crust right before an earthquake affect these fish more than any others, thus causing them to die and float to the surface, ultimately landing on a beach.

This oarfish was found on Catalina Island in southern California by conservationists surveying the beach for bird breeding. It was measured at 14-17 feet long.

It looked like it had been partially eaten, since it washed ashore missing its tail.

Hopefully this dead oarfish is only a coincidence and doesn’t mean there is seismic activity happening off the coast of California.

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Massive Oarfish Washed Ashore in California [VIDEO]