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Massive Mule Deer Buck Gets Rude Awakening


A massive daydreaming mule deer buck gets a rude awakening from a videographer on film.

First off, don't try this at home. It's not recommended to get this close to an animal in the wild, particularly a buck with a large rack that can skewer you in multiple places. With that being said, the massive daydreaming mule deer buck received a rude awakening while staring off into the distance and taking in the view.

Seemingly unaware that the videographer was approaching from behind, the mule deer is comfortable bedded down, when the videographer decides to see just how close it can get to the shot. With the deer practically dozing off and the videographer going unnoticed, he gets so close that it seems unreal, so he pokes it with his camera tripod, not once, but twice, before the deer jumps up from his rudely interrupted nap, scurrying into the distance and out of the shot.

Again, don't try this yourself. Bucks have been known to attack hunters. The bizarre behavior is not exclusive to bucks or hunters either, such as this doe that attacked a fisherman, then tried to befriend him. Aggressive deer have even been the talk of town hall meetings in Ashland, Oregon.

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Massive Mule Deer Buck Gets Rude Awakening