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Massive Montana Buck Falls to a Recurve Bow [VIDEO]

The guys from “Getting Stickbow Close” are hunting the early season in search of a Montana buck.

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, the deer movement picks up. Pretty soon a bachelor group comes towards the hunters and they are able to take down a big Montana buck.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

As this video demonstrates, early season whitetail hunting can sometimes be a hit or miss proposition. But when you are in the right place at the right time, you may find yourself staring down your arrow at a bachelor group of bucks and wondering which one to shoot.

Whitetails that are still on their summer feeding patterns offer hunters one of their best chances to take a mature buck. The Montana buck in the video is proof of that.

The fact that this buck was taken with traditional archery equipment makes this hunt even cooler.

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Massive Montana Buck Falls to a Recurve Bow [VIDEO]