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Massive Mako Shark Bolts Past Diver to Attack Marlin [VIDEO]


A mako shark swims past a diver, who was filming a marlin release, to attack the fish.

While fishing in the ocean you are going up against not only the fish, but whatever else that sees fish as prey, including mako sharks. Many marine predators have found easy ways to get meals by following fishing boats around. They wait for the fish to be thrown back tired or steal them away while the fisherman is still reeling them in.

Al Mcglashan is a professional photographer and fisherman. While on a deep sea fishing trip for marlin he decided to jump in the water to get some nice video and photos of the big marlin they just got to the boat. As they were releasing the marlin, a mako saw a free lunch.

It was lucky the mako didn’t think Al looked tastier than the marlin.

I can’t imagine having a shark that big bolt past me like that. I doubt I would stay calm enough to keep filming. Even after the mako shark swims away with the marlin the people on the boat have to yell at Al to get out of the water. He is completely ecstatic about what just happened.

I guess what the boat crew saw as a near-death experience, Al just saw as another day filming in the ocean.

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Massive Mako Shark Bolts Past Diver to Attack Marlin [VIDEO]