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Massive Largemouth Bass Inhales Topwater Shad

largemouth bass
Facebook/The Fish Whisperer

Your jaw will drop at the size of the largemouth bass that smashes a topwater shad!

Topwater fishing is one of the most exciting ways to target largemouth bass. Their energetic, explosive, and usually unexpected strikes make for some heart-pounding fishing action. When the largemouth bass that decides to strike is as big as the one in this video, the adrenaline rush is even higher.

Anyone who has used topwater lures while fishing for bass has also experienced the crushing defeat of losing a big fish after a powerful strike. However, a new strike might only be one cast away, so getting discouraged after losing a fish is the wrong way to approach it.

At first glance, it may look like the angler in the video had his line snap under the weight of the largemouth bass that took in the bait. However, the guy said he does not use hooks in his videos.

Instead, he ties dead shad straight onto his line so he can make awesome fishing videos without risking harm to the fish. For most of us, not trying to land that size of largemouth bass would be a major no-no!


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Massive Largemouth Bass Inhales Topwater Shad