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Massive Great White Shark Caught off Tunisia [PICS]


A massive great white shark weighing over two tons was caught near Sousse, off the coast of Tunisia.

A local fisherman, known only as Samir, caught a great white in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Tunisia then sold it on the pier for about $1,500.

Google Maps Tunisia
Google Maps Tunisia

Once the giant shark was hauled ashore, a large suspension crane had to be used to hold the beast as onlookers took “selfies” with it and gawked.

The catch is under scrutiny since great white sharks are listed as an at-risk species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

A mildly translated text from the Kapitalis reads, “Let us remember that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) had raised the alarm in 2013 on the massive activities of fishing for shark, if we consider that 90% of the population of these animals is missing in the over a century.”

Populations of white sharks in the Mediterranean Sea are so depleted that they are rarely ever seen.

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Massive Great White Shark Caught off Tunisia [PICS]