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Massive Eel Found in Texas' Lady Bird Lake in Fish Survey

Fox 7

While conducting a fish survey, researchers stumbled across a massive eel in Lady Bird Lake.

Recently, researchers found a large eel in Lady Bird Lake which measured 38 inches in length.

This American eel is just one of many that migrate from the Atlantic Ocean after spawning.

Typically when they arrive, the eels are about 6 inches long and harmless. Although they were native to Texas, these eels have been forced to live elsewhere by the construction of dams on the Colorado River .

An Inland Fisheries Supervisor for the Texas Parks and Widlife Department, Marco De Jesus told Fox 7 that, "In the case of Lady Bird Lake, it's hard to tell if the fish we have here are actually remnants of before the lake was impounded and they've been living here that long or maybe that they are finding a way to get through the dam."

By that estimate, that means this eel could have been living in Lady Bird Lake since the 1980s, which is a frightening thought. According to reports, the longest eel caught in this area was 42 inches long and weighed 6.5 pounds.


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Massive Eel Found in Texas' Lady Bird Lake in Fish Survey