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Massive Cliff Crumbles into the Sea [VIDEO]

One in a million footage! Make sure the sound is turned up for the full effect.

After hearing rumor of a crumbling cliff along the UK coast, fisherman Sam Haskins went to check it out. Thank goodness he had his camera rolling when this gigantic rock collapsed!

What are the odds? Haskins heard the cliff was beginning to crumble, and authorities had closed a footpath to keep people out of the area. After a period of heavy rain and several small rocks breaking loose, he turned on the camera and caught the impossibly rare and huge rockslide.

cliff crumbles into ocean

And yet, as he hit the geologic lottery, he still chose to film the spectacle with his phone vertical. Doh!

massive rockslide

Still, the collapse is legit. Anyone who has ever spent time in the Rockies has seen the resulting talus that such events create, but how often does one get to actually witness this?

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Massive Cliff Crumbles into the Sea [VIDEO]