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Massive Black Bear Killed in Oregon

The massive black bear was killed earlier this month in Lake County, Oregon.

On April 4, a Lake County cattle rancher shot and killed a black bear that weighed nearly 500 pounds after it killed one of his family's large heifers, reports the Statesman Journal.

State biologists estimate the massive bear weighed 490 pounds, stood 6-foot-5 and was 13 to 15 years old.

"It's a whopper," state wildlife biologist Craig Foster said.

The ranch owner, Marie Lehman, obtained hunting permits for her family after learning that a bear had killed one of her heifers that was worth an estimated $1,000. Oregon ranchers are legally allowed to shoot and kill bears that attack their herds without obtaining a permit.

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Two days after the heifer was killed, Marie's son, Ryon, saw the bear run out of their cattle herd. He shot and killed the bear within a quarter mile of the Lehman's home, reported the Statesman Journal.

"I'm sure we saved a lot of baby elk and fawns," Lehman said. "There seems to be a lot more bears in this country than there used to be."

Featured image via Statesman Journal 

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Massive Black Bear Killed in Oregon