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Massive Marlin Can't Wait to be Landed [VIDEO]

Sport fishing? More like combat fishing. These guys got quite a surprise.

In this video, a massive 350-pound blue marlin leaps aboard a fishing boat and nearly takes out a couple of anglers off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Marlin are massive, powerful fish; male blue marlin can cap out at 350 pounds, like this one, whereas females can grow up to 1,200 pounds, and be more than 16 feet long.

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This isn't the first close call to be reported by marlin fishermen, either.

Marlin have been known to fight ferociously, and incidents of Marlin maiming or even killing anglers are not unheard of.

Now, we're by no means recommending you don't go out and catch some marlin. Just remember, as the fisherman in the video above found out, to make sure the marlin doesn't catch you.

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Massive Marlin Can't Wait to be Landed [VIDEO]