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Massive 24-Foot-Long Malaysian Python Dies in Captivity

Massive 24 Foot Long Malaysian Python Dies In Captivity
The Guardian

Why did this massive Malaysian python die in captivity?

The humongous Malaysian python was captured a few days ago by construction workers on the island of Penang. Snake experts think that the snake died due to being mishandled when it was captured. Photos and video of the capture have shown construction workers kicking it and placing a noose around the snake’s neck.

Raymond Hoser, a snake expert theorized that the gigantic Malaysian python died of internal injuries:

Snakes don’t just drop dead. If they die, there is a reason. The most likely reason is injuries sustained when caught or after being caught. Snakes are relatively delicate animals. If they used a noose to catch the snake, that has caused the injury that has caused the death.

The snake in question was a reticulated python, which is one of the longest species of reptiles in the world. The snake was initially thought to be more than 26 feet (8 meters) long, which would make it the longest snake in the world. However, subsequent measurements revealed that the python was slightly shorter, at just over 24 feet long. The gigantic snake tipped the scales at an astounding 550 pounds (250 kilograms).

Before dying, the python laid a single egg, which is now in the custody of the Malaysian wildlife department along with the snake’s body.

The longest snake in the world is also a reticulated python. Named Medusa, the snake measures 25 feet (7.67 meters) in the 2011 and currently lives in captivity in Kansas City, Missouri.

The news about this massive Malaysian python dying is sad indeed. It would be even more unfortunate if it died due to being mistreated. Even though they can grow to massive proportions, Reticulated Pythons are normally not dangerous to humans and are popular pets.

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Massive 24-Foot-Long Malaysian Python Dies in Captivity