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Massachusetts Fishing Licenses Go Mobile

Massachusetts fishing licenses are taking a step into the 21st Century.

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game announced that their fishing licenses will become mobile friendly for the 2014 season.

The purchase and display of fishing licenses and permits will be easier than ever, with mobile device purchasing and safe-keeping capabilities.

“This promises to be a great convenience for Massachusetts recreational anglers, who can now purchase and display their fishing license using their smartphone instead of carrying a hard copy,” said Commissioner Mary Griffin in the official release. “Outdoor sporting may be a timeless hobby, but these modern updates offer convenience and ease for every angler.”

Instead of having to carry a paper license with you every time you cast a line, now the proper documentation will be kept on an iPhone, Andriod or similar device.

For now, recreational saltwater fishing permits, freshwater fishing licenses and trapping licenses are obtainable through mobile device. Hunting and sporting (a combo of hunting and fishing) licenses are not available for purchase using mobile devices at this time, but plans are in place to make them so later in the year, hopefully by fall hunting season.

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The Massachusetts licensing system, known as MassFishHunt, now allows for electronic signatures and email verification processes, which should make it easier than ever to purchase and prove your license ownership.

For more information, and to purchase a Massachusetts fishing license via the new system, go here.

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Massachusetts Fishing Licenses Go Mobile