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Massachusetts Black Bear Shatters Unofficial State Record

This Massachusetts black bear record might be around for a while. 

A Massachusetts black bear of epic proportions was taken in the Bay State. Jim Mundell was hunting near Athol when he filled his tag.

According to the report, Mundell had to wait a day before checking in his bear because he had to get a backhoe to get it out of the woods.


Just how big was this bear? The current “unofficial” Massachusetts state record stands at 465 pounds. The Mundell bear bear weighed out to 498 pounds, field dressed. Since Mundell wasn’t expecting to break the record, the thought didn’t even cross his mind until after he was notified of the record when he checked it in.

After further details of the Mundell bear have been discovered, it is not a record. It missed the mark by 43 pounds. Secondly, Massachusetts does not keep official state bear records. However, they do maintain a database of the largest bears on record.

Officials from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game estimated that the living weight of Mundell’s black bear would have been somewhere around 650 pounds.

Considering that 600 pounds is about the max average for most black bears across the US, the story of this bear is probably going to be around for a while.

Image via Facebook/Jim Mundell


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Massachusetts Black Bear Shatters Unofficial State Record