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Avoid Feeding Deer: Let Massachusetts Explain Why

The state of Massachusetts wants you to stop feeding the deer.

The Division of Fisheries & Wildlife has hard science to back it up, too.

Watch this video and see why feeding deer is actually harming them.

Those poor deer in the winter will starve if you don't feed them, right? No. This statement is very false. Feeding them can cause greater harm than good.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife has made a video to educate the public of the dangers of feeding deer. Deer feeding in large congregations can transmit diseases easier. Also urban feeding can cause deer vs. car fatalities to increase as they travel long distances to get to those corn feeding citizens.

Deer are well adapted to harsh winters as thousands of years of survival without human feeding can attest. Next time winter rolls around, let the deer stay wild. In the long run, it will save their lives.


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Avoid Feeding Deer: Let Massachusetts Explain Why