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Massachusetts Family and Duck Hunters Clash

A Massachusetts family could possibly face criminal charges after attempting to scare duck hunters off of conservation land adjacent to their home last October.

The Carreiro family of Marshfield, Mass. said they were awakened during this year’s duck hunting season by duck hunters firing shots from a spot on conservation land that touched the edge of their property.

“The noise just wouldn’t end,” said the mother, Julie Carreiro. “At one point, they weren’t hunting, they were just shooting for no reason except to make noise and make it clear they weren’t leaving.”

The father and son went outside to confront the hunters, and tried to get them to leave by threatening physical harm, and using an air horn to scare away ducks, according to the Marshfield Police Department.

The Carreiros said that they encountered the same duck hunters last year and asked them to leave, but to no avail.

The hunters are now asking the Marshfield Police Department to press charges, which include three counts of hunter interference and two counts of threatening to commit a crime.

The police have not yet made a decision in the case because of a technicality in the local land law. Hunting is not allowed on the land where the incident occurred; however, the land did not have any “No Hunting” signs posted, which means hunters can technically hunt there in good conscience.

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Now, the land has No Hunting and No Trespassing signs posted.

Julie has lived in the Carreiro’s home since 1964, and claims to have never seen or heard hunters on the land prior to family’s first encounter last year.

Do you think the hunters had the right to hunt on the land? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Petersens Hunting

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Massachusetts Family and Duck Hunters Clash