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Maryland Poachers Charged for Late Night Deer Poaching Spree


Two men face 73 counts during a poaching spree in Maryland.

Two poachers are facing serious charges after Maryland wildlife authorities say they went on a late-night poaching spree that resulted in eight deer dead last year. Authorities are just wrapping up a year-long investigation into the case.

The incident happened last October in Pasadena, Maryland and Maryland DNR officers are saying John Gallano IV, and Christopher Johnson shot the deer from a vehicle with a crossbow after lighting them up with a spotlight.

But aside from poaching at night and from the road, that’s not even the worst part. In another report, CBS Baltimore reports the duo simply dumped at least five of the deer bodies in a neighborhood. Only two others were taken to a deer processing facility. Two other deer were apparently hit, but not recovered.

Obviously, it comes as no surprise authorities told CBS Baltimore it’s one of the worst poaching cases they’ve seen in years. Now the two men could be facing jail time and up to $50,000 in fines for up to 73 different charges that include things like wanton waste, illegal dumping, failing to report a kill, hunting in a safety zone, hunting from a vehicle and more.

It certainly sounds like the Maryland DNR is trying to make an example of these two. Local residents in the area the deer were dumped seem fine with that idea. “You do the crime you do the time, so it’s pretty basic and simple,” Pasadena resident Ray Truelove told CBS.


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Maryland Poachers Charged for Late Night Deer Poaching Spree