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Maryland is Already Looking to Regulate the Airbow


Maryland may define airbows as airguns. 

There has been a lot of buzz and talk about airbows in the hunting industry recently. So it should really come as no surprise at least one state is now looking to create new regulations for the new weapons.

The Associated Press is reporting the Crosman Corp.-developed airbow is already legal to use for some bird hunting in Maryland. In defining what type of weapon an airbow is, Maryland is looking to regulate them as air guns since they used compressed air to send an arrow in flight. This would require further definitions of air guns as ones that also fire arrows.

This likely sounds familiar, but one regulation proposition is they would be legal for hunting deer during firearms and muzzleloader seasons. Sounds a lot like many early crossbow regulations in many states, doesn't it?

The Associated Press also reports the weapon would be legal for black bear.

This is at least the second instance of the new weapon causing lawmakers to scramble to define the weapon's legality for hunting. A proposal to make the weapons legal for hunting in Pennsylvania was announced by State Representative Marc Gergely back in February.

Meanwhile numerous videos have hit the internet of the weapon in action in the field. The one that's generated the most buzz is without a doubt,  the one of hunting legend Jim Shockey using one to take down a bison.

Love airbows or hate them, it's likely we're going to be hearing more and more about these new weapons and wildlife laws in the near-future.


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Maryland is Already Looking to Regulate the Airbow