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Mary Lee is the Most Popular Great White Shark on Twitter [PICS]

@Mary Lee the Shark

A tagged great white shark named Mary Lee has a massive Twitter following. 

Busy planning your Memorial Day weekend? Make sure you know where Mary Lee will be if you’re heading to the East Coast. Mary Lee is a 3,500-pound great white shark that cruises the East Coast. She also has a massive Twitter following.

Tagged in 2012, Mary Lee is tracked by OCEARCH, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to researching the great white shark and other apex predators. With their shark tracker, you can follow hundreds of tagged sharks on their journeys while learning more about their habits.

Mary Lee (@MaryLeeShark) has 67.8K followers, which is probably more than you, with almost 2,000 tweets. Her followers have fun asking her questions like;

While the Twitter handle is controlled by an anonymous reporter on the East Coast, Mary Lee is real and you can track her movements with OCEARCH.

Many of her followers ask her where she is before they head on vacation.

The account owner, not affiliated with OCEARCH, wrote;

The recent explosion of followers has been a lot of fun, but also like a second job. I do everything manually – no robo tweets. The best part is that (@MaryLeeShark) plays a role in helping to replace fear with facts by retweeting and commenting on @OCEARCH tweets. I (try) to be respectful of the important work OCEARCH does and have fun at the same time.

With Mary Lee, every week is Shark Week. Follow her and ask questions like, “Do sharks have tongues?”

You will likely get a comical response.

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Mary Lee is the Most Popular Great White Shark on Twitter [PICS]