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A Marten Hunts Down a Hare Right Before Your Eyes [VIDEO]

How often do you see a marten make a meal out of a hare?

These things happen on a daily basis, whether we are there or not. Nature may be brutal by our standards, but all living things have to eat to live.

Here is one of the few times that you can see the audacity of nature and what it takes to survive.

*Warning– graphic


The American marten is found from northern New Mexico through Canada to Alaska, and as far east as Newfoundland. Some of their favorite prey includes red squirrels and snowshoe hares.

This video was taken in the Kawishiwi River wilderness area of northern Minnesota, an area known for its marten population.

This is a graphic example of nature at its most brutal. Maybe if we had to chase that hamburger down the street to eat it, we wouldn’t be so surprised at what animals do in their natural environment every single day to survive.

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A Marten Hunts Down a Hare Right Before Your Eyes [VIDEO]