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Marlin Will Bust Their Chops to Eat Your Bait and This Proves It

Here's a great bit of underwater film showing the speed and aggression of a big marlin following and attacking a fast moving lure.

Watch an amazing piece of film that proves you almost can't swim baits fast enough to keep it out of the mouth these hungry gamefish.

It's almost silly how fast a marlin can and will travel to get the lunch it so desires, and this one is no different. You may go out and get a faster motor for your boat after watching this.

On average, a blue marlin can reach 11 feet in length and weigh between 200 and 400 pounds in weight. They're also capable of reaching speeds of up to an amazing 50 mph, which is even more incredible!

This is an easy video to watch and after several times seeing it you might just start searching charter services and finally plan that trip you've been dreaming about.

As great as the video looks it's almost makes you feel bad that the beautiful fish's reward for all that hard work was to get hooked... no not sad just jealous that it wasn't us that hooked it!


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Marlin Will Bust Their Chops to Eat Your Bait and This Proves It