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Marlin LeFever on how to Prepare and Rig Pink Worms for Steelhead

Here are some preparation and rigging tactics for targeting steelhead with pink worms.

As the rain falls and the rivers rise, steelhead anglers are busy tackle-crafting and preparing for the upcoming season. Marlin LeFever and the Fishing Addicts Northwest crew discuss some of their methods for targeting steelhead with pink worms.

First, cut the tops of the worm to your desired length so the worm will fit snug to the jighead. Then, separate and store your plastics in containers with the scents of your choosing. Pro Cure brand Anise Plus, Squid Oil, and Anise Krill are Marlin’s favorites, but you can shop the full selection of Pro Cure’s line of Steelhead scents on their website, which is categorized by target species. Check your local regulations to make sure that the use of scent is not part of bait restrictions.

Once you’ve cut your worms to length and they’ve had time to marinate, watch this second video tutorial, featuring fishing guide Cameron Black of “Gone Catchin’ Guide Service,” discussing how he rigs his drift-fishing set-up with pink worms, as Marlin LeFever demonstrates how he rigs pink worms under a float.

Cameron’s rig leaves the hook exposed near the tail, although there are some alternative methods to wacky rig the worms for drift fishing. Black explains that a bead or corky can add some contrast to the presentation, but are not entirely necessary, particularly for steelhead in low, clear conditions.

LeFever explains that adding a dab of superglue to the jighead as you thread the worm on helps to keep it in place.


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Marlin LeFever on how to Prepare and Rig Pink Worms for Steelhead