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Giant Marlin Jumps into Boat, Man Naturally Jumps Out

Watch as this marlin jumps into a boat while being reeled in, and the reaction of the crewmen as the fish flops maniacally.

In the truest definition of a close call, this monster marlin doesn't give up without a fight as it flies straight onto the boat deck, sending a crewman overboard to escape the danger of its sharp bill.

Most veteran saltwater fisherman with any experience reeling in a billfish of this size knows how powerful they can be. When they end up in the boat before thoroughly tiring themselves out, things like this can happen. But, the reaction of the crewman on the left isn't as typical.

Watch the video and tell us if you would have done the same thing.

When a marlin jumps into a boat, all bets are off for that gentleman.

Watching the other member of the crew trying to frantically release the angler from his chair, we're not sure which one made the better choice.

What were the crewmen thinking at this particular moment?

marlin jumps into boat

Would you have jumped ship, or stuck around to ensure the marlin wears itself out and is claimed as the day's catch?

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Giant Marlin Jumps into Boat, Man Naturally Jumps Out