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Marlin Jumps Aboard Boat, Nearly Knocks Fisherman off Deck


Watch this marlin narrowly miss impaling a fisherman right in the head!

We've seen a few crazy marlin fishing videos lately. There was the marlin that impaled a fisherman's leg and even one that boated itself. In this latest video, a 90-pound marlin nearly wipes out an angler standing on the back of the boat. Check out the amazing close call.

Warning: mild language in video.

According to the Daily Mail, this newest wild fishing video was shot off New South Wales. The guy who had the lucky miss is Conor Cogan. He knows just how lucky he was in this instance as the marlin narrowly missed his head with its bill.

"I know guys that have had marlins jump into the back of the boat before, but never have they hit someone and fall back into the water without anyone being seriously injured," Cogan told the Daily Mail.

What I can't figure out is how this guy avoided not only injury from the fish itself, but from getting tangled in the line as the fish rolled over him. Definitely a really lucky miss, and one heck of a fish story Cogan will be no doubt be telling for years!

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Marlin Jumps Aboard Boat, Nearly Knocks Fisherman off Deck