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Marlin Fishermen in Hawaii Reel in 7-Foot Squid [VIDEO]

Off the Kona coast of Hawaii, charter boat fishermen had a chance encounter with a giant 7-foot squid.

A fishing charter group with the Kona Sea Adventures guide service had just caught and released a blue marlin when something strange appeared in the water near them.

Realizing what it was, the quick-thinking fishermen hauled it aboard the craft.

Now, it’s possible that the creature could be an Architeuthis, or giant squid.

Cyrus Widhalm, a member of the team said, “It was obviously dead. It was just floating on the surface lifeless. It had clearly been attacked by something, because there was a bite mark in the head and several of the tentacles were missing, and so it looked like something had attacked it.”

After weighing the squid, it was revealed to be 52.7 pounds.

The men said they will be sending it to a marine biologist in Washington.

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Marlin Fishermen in Hawaii Reel in 7-Foot Squid [VIDEO]