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Marlin Feeding Frenzy On Giant Clouds of Fleeing Sardines [VIDEO]

Marlin and mahi mahi corral and attack massive bait balls of sardines in this incredible film.

Giant clouds or “bait balls” of sardines shimmer like disco balls. Neon green mahi mahi attack the sardines, causing them to roil and swirl upon themselves. It’s an amazing sight!

More predators join the feeding frenzy as sea lions, marlin, and whales chase the fleeing sardines.

The speed and agility of the players in this drama are incredible. One marlin actually stabs a small sardine with its sword-like bill. A cluster of sardines attempts to hide in the shadow of a sea lion intent on eating them.

A massive whale breaks through the sardines like a snowplow, mouth wide open, but it gets nothing for its effort.

The sardines are completely decimated by the end of the frenzy. The only sign of their presence is a giant cloud of the silvery scales, looking like glitter spilled into the sea.

It’s one of the most dynamic and impressive exhibitions of marine life, and death, I’ve ever seen.

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Marlin Feeding Frenzy On Giant Clouds of Fleeing Sardines [VIDEO]