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Mark Serbu's GB-22 is His Solution to Gun Buyback Programs

Mark Serbu's GB-22

Gun buyback programs have become the norm in many cities.

Mark Serbu has a plan to make gun buybacks too costly to operate.

Witness his simplest homemade pistol, the GB-22.

Gun buybacks may already be in your town or city. The premise of this program is to use tax payer dollars to buy guns to be destroyed. Criminal's guns are never sold to these buybacks. They prefer to keep their ill gotten weapons for future criminal offenses.

How do you stop these wastes of tax payer dollars? Mark Serbu has just what it might take to bankrupt these gun buybacks and make you a couple dollars in the process. The cheap and easy to make GB (Gun Buyback) 22  is a .22 caliber slam fire pistol that only has 4 parts. It can easily be machined and sold for a profit at gun buyback programs.

Follow Mark Serbu's steps to build your own GB-22 pistol and fight the gun control forces behind gun buyback programs. Who knows you just might want to keep your homemade pistol afterwards.

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Mark Serbu's GB-22 is His Solution to Gun Buyback Programs