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Mark Drury’s Hunt for “Bucktober” the 211 4/8″ Giant

Drury Outdoors does it again. Mark harvest a  211″ buck of a lifetime called “Bucktober”.

Drury’s have established themselves as some of the best outdoor talents in the industry and give hunters all around some great insight and knowledge to the sport.

In this video, Mark Drury kills an absolute giant and a buck of a lifetime that they named “Bucktober”. There is a slim chance that in a hunter’s lifetime that he will get to chase a 200 plus inch deer, let alone get a crack at him during daylight.

Mark’s cameraman says the sweetest words Mark said he had ever heard on this hunt. “It’s him”. Mark gets a glimpse of Bucktober through the camera viewer and the hunt is on.

Soon after getting a glimpse of the giant, the buck moves in a bit closer but decides to bed down. Watch as the rest of the hunt unfolds below.

Bucktober makes his way back to his feet and begins to close the distance with his eyes on some does. As if the suspense couldnd’t build any higher, he stops and begins to rub a small sapling.

Then, by the grace of the hunting Gods, Bucktober begins to tend a hot doe and she starts making her way directly towards Mark’s blind.

Twenty five yards and broadside, Mark takes the shot and places the the broad-head right where it needed to be. Mark just landed his biggest buck to date and boy is it a dandy.


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Mark Drury’s Hunt for “Bucktober” the 211 4/8″ Giant