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Mark Drury Tags His Third Booner of the Year

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Put in the time and you'll be rewarded. That was the case for Mark Drury, making this Missouri buck his third Booner of the year.

The evening of November 22 was a special one for well-known hunter Mark Drury. After sitting in a stand for eleven tiring days, persistence finally paid off, and this beautiful Booner buck hit the ground in Missouri.

Having seen this particular buck on the trail cam, and more importantly knowing it was visible during day time hours on November 20, a well-executed sit in it's home range spelled lights out on Day 11 for the deer they nicknamed "Thirteen."

Drury used a Winchester .243 from 75 yards to down this 6.5 year-old buck that measured out at 170 4/8.

Here's a short clip showcasing this buck and some thoughts from Drury on the hunt:

One Booner during the year is impressive but three?! All we can say is wow!

Hats off to Drury on an incredible accomplishment and this beast of a Missouri whitetail. They don't come much sweeter than that.

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Mark Drury Tags His Third Booner of the Year