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The Marines Have Enlisted a Robot with a .50 Cal on It

What is cooler than a robot with a .50 cal? Nothing, and that is why we are showing you.

Not your typical robot, the Marines have enlisted a great new tool that should help our military immensely. This isn’t just any robot though, it carries a .50 cal and it has a name. MUTT.

MUTT stands for Multi-Utility Tactical Transport and is built by the General Dynamic Land Systems. The main objective and purpose for the new tool is to help dismounted war-fighters by carrying load in the field.

Hopefully it can lighten the load and provide more expeditionary power while the soldiers can then carry more gear and batteries to help benefit them during action.

If you are thinking you have seen something very similar to this before, you might just be right. Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, and many other movies seem to have something along these lines. Real life, not so much.

Like something right out of a movie, the MUTT literally is a robot with a monster gun mounted to the top.

We assure you this is not a movie though, and this thing is legit!


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The Marines Have Enlisted a Robot with a .50 Cal on It