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Marine's Tweet Reminds #MillionStudentMarch Protesters That Nothing In Life Is Free

Marine Shows #MillionStudentMarch Protesters That Nothing In Life Is Free With Awesome Tweet

This Marine's awesome Tweet reminds the #MillionStudentMarch protesters that, contrary to popular belief, nothing in life is truly free.

In case you didn't hear, students all over the country marched on Nov. 12 in the #MillionStudentMarch demanding tuition-free public college, forgiveness of all student debt, and a $15-an-hour campus-wide minimum wage.

This Marine responded to the #MillionStudentMarch protesters with this awesome tweet and reminded them that while nothing in life is free, there are ways to pay for an education without going into debt.

James Erickson, like thousands of other veterans, earned the GI Bill by honorably serving in the military. I'm sure he marched a whole lot more than 25 miles during the time he served in the Marine Corps.

Serving in the military isn't easy: I paid for my college by serving in the Army, which included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. When you hear the stories of guys like Todd Love (a triple amputee Marine), Florent Groberg (a recent Army Medal of Honor recipient), and the thousands of men and women who didn't make it home, a little student loan debt doesn't sound so bad.

But then again, nothing in life is truly free: somebody has to pay for it with money, blood, sweat, or tears (often all of the above). That is a lesson all too often forgotten by people these days.

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Marine's Tweet Reminds #MillionStudentMarch Protesters That Nothing In Life Is Free