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Marine Helps Catch Record Alligator in Mississippi

A United States Marine helps catch record alligator in Mississippi with his friends.

Sergeant Jesse Phillips, a mortarman in the United States Marine Corps, was a key participant in the recent hunt that set the Mississippi state record.

Phillips stated: “During my swamp training I’m going to think about it a lot different now that I’ve snagged a 13-foot, 5-inch gator.”

As reported by GrindTV, the record setting gator tipped the scales at 792 pounds and measured 13 1/2 feet from nose to tail. With a belly girth of almost 70 inches, it is largest gator taken in Mississippi to date, the second time the record has been broken this hunting season.

Phillips, along with Brian Montgomery and Scott Berry, began their alligator hunt in a swamp near the Mississippi River in the middle of the night, the best time to catch alligators. They carried heavy-duty fishing rods to snag the alligator and drag it close enough to the boat to be killed. The three men fought the massive alligator for over an hour before they finally got it into the boat.

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During the course of the nerve-wracking and exhausting fight, the behemoth of an alligator damaged their boat and broke six hooks.

As massive as this alligator was, it is still over 200 pounds lighter than the largest on record, which was taken in Alabama earlier this year. Still, it’s an amazing feat.

I don’t blame Sergeant Phillips for being extra cautious next time he has training in the swamp…

Anybody have any other good hunting or fishing stories involving members of the military? Share them in the comments section below.


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Marine Helps Catch Record Alligator in Mississippi