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Marine Catches Great White [VIDEO]

Take a look at this video of a US marine unexpectedly reeling in a great white shark from a beach in Southern California.

Marine and avid shark fisherman Jeff Fangmen caught the great white shark on October 27, 2013 while fishing with his wife and daughter off the coast of Camp Pendleton near San Diego, CA.

Fangman shared the video with San Diego news stations this week, and now it’s gaining national media attention.

“It’s taken several weeks to get the whole ordeal to sink in,” said Fangman, according to an ABC 13 report.

Fangmen was unaware that he was reeling in a great white shark, but he knew that it was something big.

Apologies for sharing a shaky video, but admit it, you’d be jumping around too if you were trying to film someone reeling in a great white.

Check out this footage of a tiger shark caught on a beach in Australia.

The shark turned out to be a juvenile female great white measuring in at roughly 9-and-a-half feet.

Great whites are illegal to catch in California, so after taking some footage of a lifetime, Fangman released his catch back into the deep blue.

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Marine Catches Great White [VIDEO]