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Marcus Luttrell Describes Scenes from ‘Lone Survivor’ [VIDEO]

Marcus Luttrell is the real “Lone Survivor.” 

Watch as he breaks down scenes from the movie and describes the actual events.


If you haven’t seen “Lone Survivor,” you should. Seeing what Marcus Luttrell and his teammates went through will make you appreciate what our servicemen and women, as well as their families, are doing to protect our freedoms.

As Marcus mentioned in the video, Navy SEAL training is designed to prepare soldiers for worst-case scenarios. In the wake of the popular movie “American Sniper,” Luttrell has spoken out defending fellow SEAL Chris Kyle’s wartime actions.

Anyone who can make it through Navy SEAL training is mentally and physically tough. The scenes and descriptions in the video prove that Marcus Luttrell was particularly tough. In the end of the video he applies the lessons he learned in football: refusing to quit and being persistent can help people accomplish any goal.

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Marcus Luttrell Describes Scenes from ‘Lone Survivor’ [VIDEO]