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March is Turtle Hatching Season! [VIDEO]

See some incredible footage of giant South American turtles hatching in the Brazilian Amazon. March is turtle hatching season!

Turtles are pretty incredible creatures. Did you know that some species of turtles go to the beach where they themselves were hatched to lay their own eggs?

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Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society even believe that hatching turtles coordinate hatch times through vocalization.

“Siblings! Are you ready for the world?”

Watch these little guys hatch and greet a new world.

Baby turtles have to make it on their own since the mother is not present during the hatching. This is the most vulnerable time for baby turtles who have to make it from the nest to the ocean, battling the break, and avoiding predators on the way.

Pretty amazing!

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March is Turtle Hatching Season! [VIDEO]