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This Map Shows Where You Can Legally Carry on a College Campus

concealed carry on campus and campus carry

If you're concerned with whether or not carrying a concealed weapon is allowed on your or your loved one's campus, check out this map from the folks at Armed Campuses.

Map Key:

RED = Concealed guns allowed by law
GREY = Concealed guns allowed by law, but schools limit locations/who carries
GREEN = Concealed guns on campus prohibited by law
YELLOW = Schools decide weapons policy
ORANGE = Concealed guns allowed only in locked cars in parking lots

Although Armed Campuses is an anti-gun website, it conveniently outlines where students and faculty can and cannot legally carry concealed weapons on campus. By the way, in case you're curious, here's a map of the most prominent college shootings in the past 25 years:

School Shooting Map

There has been no shortage of attention on gun control and mass shootings in recent history. Due to their dense populations, school campuses can be easy targets for mass shootings. Though often unreported, many of these shootings are stopped or prevented by responsible gun owners. It's because of this that a growing list of gun rights advocates for college campuses are showing up.

It is no surprise that policies on this topic are all over the board. One common position is that the gun-free zones which prohibit carrying a weapon actually create a more dangerous place, not a safer one, for students. The idea is a simple one: if there is no way for students or faculty to protect themselves, they become a target.

What do you think about carrying concealed weapons on a college campus?

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This Map Shows Where You Can Legally Carry on a College Campus