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This Map of the Most Famous Monsters in America is Spellbinding


If you are looking to go after monsters, this cryptozoological map of the United States is a must see.

Since the beginning of time legends of monsters living among men have been passed down. Trying to find and prove these beasts existences is a full time hobby for some all over the world.

If you have ever wondered what legendary creatures might live in your state or ones you plan to visit then you have to check out this nifty little map below. It lists 31 monsters that are said to roam the United States as well as their locations.


It is just crazy to see how many of these monsters could actually be lurking around out there just waiting to prey on the unsuspecting person.

I really like how they included not only the big names like Bigfoot, but also some small local legends like the Pope Lick Monster from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

This map is available for purchase as well. It is the perfect gift for any outdoorsmen so they know what creatures they could possibly run into on their adventures or for that amateur monster hunter in your life.

You can pick yours up from the map’s creators at Hog Island Press for $30. They even have some shirts available to represent your state’s monster with their picture and name on them.



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This Map of the Most Famous Monsters in America is Spellbinding