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Map from NPS Shows Quietest Places in the Country

NPS Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division

Looking for some quiet time to yourself? A new NPS map will show you where to go.

When we set off into the outdoors we go for what it offers, but also for what it doesn’t. The loud noises that drown out nature’s music, and the bright lights that kill the glitter of stars vanish when we go into the wilderness. Here is a map to show you the best places to go to avoid just that.

Thanks to the National Park Service (NPS) you can see where the most remote places in the country are. This map was created from NPS’s Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division who aim to preserve areas from noise and light pollution.

They took long-term noise measurements at 546 places across North America. By taking these samples with other variables such as time of day, climate, and map coordinates they have created a incredible map of sound levels for the whole country.

The areas in yellow have noise levels at 50 decibels or more, which is the equivalent of sitting in a busy restaurant. The dark blue areas are below 20 decibels which is as much sound as you make whispering to someone.

This map is to not only show people the best places to go for peace and quiet, but also as a way to protect nature from the noise pollution from humans. In our quickly developing world it is extremely important to save as many areas as we can for wildlife and future generations to enjoy.

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Map from NPS Shows Quietest Places in the Country