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How Many Sodas Will a .22 LR Go Through? [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered about the stopping power of a .22 LR? These soda cans don't stand a chance!

The .22 LR is such a fun gun to casually shoot. Have you ever wondered how many soda cans it could penetrate?

You don't have to wonder anymore.

Did you guess the correct amount of cans? I didn't. I expected the bullet to go through three or four cans. However, the grape soda didn't stand a chance. The .22 LR penetrated five of the seven cans of soda.

The .22 LR is awesome, cheap, and fun to shoot. Every outdoorsman should have one. Unfortunately, ammunition is becoming more expensive and difficult to find.

High-speed footage of stuff exploding is fun, isn't it?

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How Many Sodas Will a .22 LR Go Through? [VIDEO]