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How Many Ornaments Will a .22 Go Through? [VIDEO]

Here’s an interesting way to relive that holiday stress.

This is it. It’s just hours before Christmas and we are trying to get all our final Holiday prep done. Buy and wrap the presents, hang the lights, put up the tree, cooking, cleaning, baking. It’s all so overwhelmingly stressful.

Time to take action. 22Plinkster has strung up some Christmas ornaments and grabbed some .22 LR. It’s time to put those pesky ornaments in their place and teach them a lesson. So just how many will a .22 lr go through before stopping. In this Christmas themed episode, let’s see how Plinkster handles the stress.

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That was pretty cool! The way all the ornaments basically exploded. That was a pretty zen experience.

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How Many Ornaments Will a .22 Go Through? [VIDEO]