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How Many iPhones Does It Take to Stop a Bullet? [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how many iPhones it takes to stop an AK-74 bullet? Watch this video to find out!

Many people depend on their iPhones for day-to-day operations, communications, and entertainment. However, most of us don’t think twice about our iPhones being able to save our lives from a high-caliber bullet coming from an AK-74.

Maybe those who carry multiple iPhones should reconsider. Watch the video to find out how many iPhones it takes to stop a bullet!

Well, that’s one way to take your anger out on Apple products!

The first shot was a little low and you probably start questioning if it was the wood that actually stopped the bullet. It was shot in very close range and overall is pretty impressive. The second shot is a little higher, which goes to show that the phones do most of the heavy lifting.

I can’t tell what is more impressive; the fact that it only took 4-6 iPhones to stop a steel-cored AK-47 bullet or the fact that one of them actually still works after being almost completely obliterated.

Though I wouldn’t recommend that law enforcement or military personnel trade in their armor and load up with the recent models of Apple iPhones, the experiment was pretty entertaining to watch.

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How Many iPhones Does It Take to Stop a Bullet? [VIDEO]