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Many in the LGBT Community Are Buying Guns After Orlando Shooting

Some In The LGBT Community Are More Receptive To Guns After Orlando Shooting
NY Times

After the horrific shooting targeting a gay nightclub in Orlando, many members of the LGBT community are buying guns in order to protect themselves.

While some in the LGBT community (like members of the Pink Pistols) have always embraced the 2nd Amendment and carried guns for protection, they have always been in the minority. However, after seeing the horror visited upon the patrons of the Pulse nightclub and the inability of the police to protect them, a growling number of people in the LGBT community are buying and learning to use guns for self-defense.

According to Nicki Stallard, the head of a California chapter of the group, the membership of the Pink Pistols has quadrupled in the last two weeks with an increase from 1,500 to over 6,500. Clearly recent events have served as a wake up call to many in the LGBT community, who once tended to strongly back strict gun control measures. Now they are starting to realize that the police won't always be there to save them.

Stallard went on to say:

This is a call to L.G.B.T. people to take their own defense seriously, and to question the left-leaning institutions that tell them guns are bad, and should be left to the professionals. Become a professional. You're allowed. That's what the Second Amendment is for. We can fight back when our lives depend on it.

Violence should never be your first line of defense, but guns can be a great equalizer and can prevent otherwise vulnerable people from being victimized. With this in mind, it should not be surprising that many members of the LGBT community are starting to change their tune about guns and self-defense.

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Many in the LGBT Community Are Buying Guns After Orlando Shooting