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How Many Blacktip Sharks Can Dude Perfect Crew Catch in One Day? [VIDEO]

YouTube channel Dude Perfect battles to see who can catch the most blacktip sharks in one day.

The Dude Perfect Team is always encouraging their YouTube subscribers to submit ideas about what their next battle should be. Recently, subscribers to the channel suggested that the Dude Perfect crew participate in the ultimate blacktip shark fishing face-off.

The team accepted the challenge and made their way out to Florida to see who could catch and release the most sharks in one day.

Just when you think you know who is going to win the time runs out leaving Ty and Cory in a tie with six sharks each. Adding to the suspense, both of them have a shark on the line at the same time and whoever gets their shark to shore first is claimed the Dude Perfect shark fishing champion.

Mouth-feeding pelicans and 19 sharks later, you can tell these guys had a lot of fun filming this battle, with maybe the exception of Dude Perfect member Gary. I would say that they didn’t do too bad, especially considering that one of the crew members isn’t sure exactly how fishing works at night.

“My honest, serious question is how to the fish at night see the bait in the water,” Cory from Dude Perfect asks.

Though the Dude Perfect crew didn’t participate in the blacktip shark fishing tournament, it seems that they still had plenty of luck catching sharks throughout the day.

Each year, the Blacktip Challenge brings fishmen from all over the United States to the Atlantic Coast for a weekend tournament. This tournament normally takes place during the last weekend in January when thousands of blacktip sharks migrate to the Florida coastline. All of the sharks that are caught during the tournament are measured, tagged, and then released.

Want to know more about next year’s Blacktip Challenge? Visit the Blacktip Challenge website for information, tips, and plenty of photos from previous tournaments.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Bonus Video here!

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How Many Blacktip Sharks Can Dude Perfect Crew Catch in One Day? [VIDEO]