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Man's T-Shirt Saves His Life From Gunshot

Crazy video of the day, check out how this guy's T-shirt might have been the difference between life and death.

Not entirely sure on the backstory of this crazy video, but what we have to see and know is astonishing. Almost seems like something out of a movie, but this guy's life was saved by simply wearing his t-shirt.

Shot in the chest, the bullet had found its place inside this man's chest cavity. The patient's shirt was cut off around the area of the wound, as you can see from the blood-soaked material and puncture wound.

Unbelievable. The doctors begin to go to work, and you are going to want to see it. That is unless you don't handle blood and things of this nature very well.


After a few incisions and pulls, the remaining shirt material comes out with the bullet inside! And then the doctor was quick to plug the puncture wound to keep blood from spewing.

One lucky duck to say the least, this guy needs to buy a lottery ticket.

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Man's T-Shirt Saves His Life From Gunshot