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Move Aside Dogs, There’s a New Man’s Best Friend in Town [VIDEO]

We had to watch this twice to make sure our eyes weren’t deceiving us!

Dogs have been domesticated as the perfect human companion for thousands of years. Even cats, stubborn as they may be, have been domesticated to suit human needs, but not for as long as dogs. Fancy this, then, that we just found a video proving that our warm-blooded land friends may not be the only option when you’re looking for a new companion.

The video below is in either Turkish or Russian (there’s been a difference in opinion in the YouTube comments) and features what appears to be a Red Devil cichlid having a wonderful time with his new human friend. Don’t believe us? Watch below.

Can you believe he keeps coming back for more pets, and even a few quick tosses across the pool? This video reminded us of all the summer days spent at the pool with our dad getting launched into the air for a few terrifying seconds only to laugh and return to do it all again.

Any angler knows that fish should not be taken lightly. Their intelligence is often questioned, but anyone dropping a line into the water knows better than that. Here’s some proof to share with your buddies the next time you have to use the excuse that the fish outsmarted you that day.

Have you ever seen something like this before? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Move Aside Dogs, There’s a New Man’s Best Friend in Town [VIDEO]