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Mankind’s Slaughter of Whales Might Just Ruin Your Day [PICS]


Some days it’s sad to see how far we’ve come. 

A recent scientific study tallied the total number of whales the global whaling industry has taken from the world’s oceans from 1900 to 1999. The number is astonishing. Whales were taken for their blubber and baleen, however in recent times, whale hunting has slowed.

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According to the study, nearly 3 million whales were killed in the nine-year span. This number includes 276,442 in the North Atlantic, 563,696 in the North Pacific, and 2,053,956 in the Southern Hemisphere.

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The population of some species, like the blue whale, were depleted by 90 percent. Others, such as minke whales, have rebounded back to where they were before the whaling industry began.

Even though this information is depressing and might ruin your day, there is hope. Many conservation groups are fighting to increase the whale population and we are seeing rise in numerous whale species. Hopefully, one day, the numbers of whales in our oceans will be back to where they once were.

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Mankind’s Slaughter of Whales Might Just Ruin Your Day [PICS]