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Manitoba Man Makes Wallets From Walleye Skin [VIDEO]

CTV News Winnipeg

A walleye in your back pocket? You bet! This Manitoba man is the first in the world to produce a walleye leather wallet.

It has taken Clint Boyd almost 20 years to perfect the secret tanning process, but now this Manitoba-based entrepreneur can lay claim to being the first to produce a wallet entirely from walleye skin.

“I just started testing one day and then it progressed that I think I’m going to make something of this,” said Boyd

Boyd gets the skins from commercial fishermen that operate out of Lake Winnipeg.

As company owner and head sewer, Boyd can currently produce 300 wallets a week out of his small factory just outside the town of La Riviere, in Manitoba Canada. He would like to increase that by getting outside manufacturing help.

The wallets currently sell at craft shows and Cabela’s retail stores, but Boyd is hoping to spread the word about his unique product.

Definitely a one-of-a-kind item for those that love to fish. If you need an accessory to match your new wallet, Boyd can make you a pair of handcrafted walleye skin boots, as well.

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Manitoba Man Makes Wallets From Walleye Skin [VIDEO]