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Maniac Outdoorsman Catches Wild Animals Barehanded [VIDEO]

Outdoorsman Andrew Ucles hunts animals like an animal: barehanded.

How primal would you go to get the ultimate thrill from hunting? Would you strip down to a loin cloth, bury yourself in swamp mud, and leap out at a crocodile that could destroy you in a matter of seconds?

That’s just a normal day for Andrew Ucles. From venomous snakes, to crocs, wild pigs, and even a hawk, this guy does it all… barehanded. Watch this video and see whether you could be a successful barehanded hunter.

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I think I’d be brave enough to go after a small croc, maybe even a wild hog. But count me out on any snake wrangling—that’s just crazy.

Have you ever hunted barehanded? Tell us your story in the comments section below.


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Maniac Outdoorsman Catches Wild Animals Barehanded [VIDEO]