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Manchester United’s Robin van Persie Lands a Shark [VIDEO]

Facebook / Robin van Persie

The soccer star hooked a fairly large shark from a charter boat on a recent outing.

What do soccer players do in the offseason? They vacation in the tropics and do a little fishing off the coast. It’s what Manchester United’s striker Robin van Persie did, anyway.

He recently posted some photos and videos of his vacation to his Facebook page. After his kids begged him to go deep sea fishing, he finally caved and took them out for the day. He got a little more than he bargained for when he hooked into a large shark.

He struggled to turn the reel, so at first, I didn’t think he was going to land the shark. It looked like a tough fight that wore them both out.

Here is another video with a better view of the shark before they released it back into the ocean.

The Manchester United team is supposed to start training again on July 1. However, van Persie and a few other players who competed internationally were awarded an extra 10 days before they must return to Carrington.

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Manchester United’s Robin van Persie Lands a Shark [VIDEO]