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Man Tries to Free Tangled Buck, Wrestling Match Ensues

A man trying to free a tangled buck in bailing twine got more than he bargained for when the deer turned on him.

A small buck got himself tangled in the twine holding bales of hay together and when a Good Samaritan tried to free him, the deer was altogether ungrateful.

Here’s a good look at what can happen when good intentions turn frightful.

The person who posted the video said that the man in question, Bart, “got a nasty looking gouge but thank Heavens it wasn’t his heart or lungs!”

You just said a mouthful, nice lady! Unfortunately the video gets turned on its side, but you can still see what happened and hear her screaming when the tangled buck turned on him. Luckily this man had enough strength to wrangle the deer long enough to make his own escape!

We’ve seen a lot of great animal rescues here, and while this a good one, it could have been a lot worse for the man shown trying to rescue the deer. Even a small buck that has any kind of antler growth at all can be dangerous for a human- they don’t call them ‘points’ for nothing!

Cheers to Bart for managing to free the deer, but maybe next time call a Conservation Officer to be safe.


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Man Tries to Free Tangled Buck, Wrestling Match Ensues