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Man Talks Cuddly-Wuddly to Black Bear, Promptly Gets Put in His Place [VIDEO]

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A man filmed himself talking baby talk to a black bear in his backyard. He wasn’t mauled and eaten, but only because the bear felt sorry for him.

You have to wonder if this video turned out the way it did only because the bear felt sorry for the poor guy.

A thought balloon should have appeared above the bear’s head, reading “Does this guy know what I am? Has he ever seen a real bear before? I hope mom doesn’t see this guy. He’s just not right, you know, upstairs…”

I’ll admit that I’m being a little mean to the fellow here. I can’t blame the man for wanting to film a bear. Everyone loves to see bears in the outdoors.

From a safe distance!

This is a small bear, a cub really. A bear cub with a large and protective mother bear nearby? All I can picture is this guy getting horrifically mauled by a bear, all the while screaming, “Oh you silly bear! People are friends! Naughty bear! People are friends, you silly bear!”

It’s easy to make a little light-hearted fun of this individual. Especially as he’s talking baby-talk to the bear (good grief!). But his naive attitude concerning a wild bear, even a small one – maybe especially a small one, with a mother possibly in the vicinity – is indicative of the disconnect and ignorance many people seem to have concerning wildlife these days.

This encounter could have ended rather differently than it did here. Even small bears can put you in a world of hurt. Bears aren’t puppy dogs, folks.

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Man Talks Cuddly-Wuddly to Black Bear, Promptly Gets Put in His Place [VIDEO]